Virtual Set


Discover our virtual reality studio equipped with Natural Studio technology, Brainstorm Easy Set, and V-Mix. It is equipped with three HD/4k robotic cameras capable of rotating vertically (tilt) and horizontally (panning), as well as manually or automatically zooming in or out. It also features a dimmable autonomous lighting table that allows for a perfect integration of virtual, real, and reel sets.

This virtual set has the versatility of having a dual blue/green chroma with sustainable and high-quality paints. The entire lighting rig is suspended from the ceiling, where both the chroma lighting and the directed fresnel lights for the performers on stage are placed. In addition, the set also includes a teleprompter for each camera, as well as reference monitors and live broadcast monitors where actors integrated into the virtual scene can be previewed in real time.

All of this has a very positive impact on the production budget. The space is equipped with a Yamaha sound table and Sennheiser microphones with high-quality MKe2 Gold series capsules. If you already have your project pre-production ready, here you have the best virtual studio in Madrid, ready to record and broadcast in a matter of minutes. And with an unbeatable quality/price ratio! Remember that the rental fee includes the use of the meeting/catering room and the makeup, hairdressing, and dressing room where multiple actors or models can be prepared simultaneously. And all of this without leaving Madrid, as we are just a few minutes away from the city center!!