Blue Chroma Key Set


It is a blue chroma key soundproofed studio measuring 45 square meters, with a width of 6 meters and a height of 4.75 meters. Connected to the green chroma key studio, they together measure 90 square meters. The edges of the studio are rounded, making it a 360-degree cyclorama that is easy to post-produce. Unlike other studios, these edges are made of cement, providing stability in case high-powered visual effects such as fans are used.


The studio ceiling is equipped with a grid of 12 dimmable 1 kw fresnel lights and 10 dimmable keno flow screens, capable of providing the precise tone, intensity, and direction of light required for the scene. Additionally, the studio has various equipment such as multiple professional cameras, a reference monitor, tripods, boom poles, a teleprompter, a sound technician, sound equipment, auxiliary styling and makeup equipment, production control, a smoke machine, fans, flashes, power distribution units, sockets, and furniture for set assembly, etc.


We can simulate all kinds of environments and create all kinds of scenes. In addition, the set has a three to five-camera robotic control system and the most complete equipment for live production.


Our blue set is connected to the green set, forming a two-color cyclorama with a surface area of 90 square meters (960 sq ft):



This is the perfect set for filming cinematic scenes, advertising, music videos, or spectacular presentations. It is also the perfect studio for actor/model photography and professional photo montages, as in addition to the chromed walls, we offer white or black photographic backgrounds. The rental fee includes the use of the meeting/catering room and the makeup, hairdressing, and dressing room where several actors or models can be prepared simultaneously. And all of this without having to leave Madrid, as we are just a few minutes away from the city center.


And if you require a top-level editing of the footage shot on this set, please consult our post-production section!