Advertising Services


At Betacam Studios, you have access to the best group of creative staff, producers, and technicians in Madrid. We are experts in design and post-production for all types of advertising projects.

We integrate all the services that the client may need: idea development, strategy, communication, events, production, and content management, etc.

Teamwork, the search for originality, care, customer service, and dedication with which we approach each project are the foundation of our philosophy.

In the studio itself, we have screens to channel orders from the control room, as well as for launching videos, headers, bursts, etc.

The three cameras in the studio are equipped with a teleprompter, along with a monitor that reflects the image captured by them.



The production control room, measuring 30 square meters, comes with Natural Studio technology by default. It also includes infinityset (by Brainstorm), vMix, and Ultimatte Compositor (by BlackMagic) depending on the production and virtual integration needs of the project.

All of this is accompanied by a production console with up to 5 cameras and a Yamaha 01v Digital Mixer for sound.

Communication with the production control room is done through Sennheisser Gold MKE1 microphones and speakers in the studio, or through the stage manager and operators' intercom system.

The standard and most cost-effective setup is the Natural Studio with 3 robotic cameras, as it only requires the participation of a mixer, a director, and a sound technician to carry out the project execution.

Our TV studio has produced numerous television programs such as "Estrenos de Cartelera," "Infobolsa," "El Ojo Clínico," or "Jara y Sedal," both on national and regional channels.