Our Green Chroma Key Set


It is a green chroma key soundproofed studio measuring 45 square meters, with a width of 6 meters and a height of 4.75 meters. Connected to the blue chroma key studio, they together measure 90 square meters. The edges of the studio are rounded, making it a 360-degree cyclorama that is easy to post-produce. Unlike other studios, these edges are made of cement, providing stability in case high-powered visual effects such as fans are used.


The studio ceiling is equipped with a grid of 12 dimmable 1 kw fresnel lights and 10 dimmable keno flow screens, capable of providing the precise tone, intensity, and direction of light required for the scene. Additionally, the studio has various equipment such as multiple professional cameras, a reference monitor, tripods, boom poles, a teleprompter, a sound technician, sound equipment, auxiliary styling and makeup equipment, production control, a smoke machine, fans, flashes, power distribution units, sockets, and furniture for set assembly, etc.


We can simulate all kinds of environments and create all kinds of scenes. In addition, the set has a three to five-camera robotic control system and the most complete equipment for live production.


Our blue set is connected to the green set, forming a two-color cyclorama with a surface area of 90 square meters (960 sq ft):


This is the perfect set for filming cinematic scenes, advertising, music videos, or spectacular presentations. It is also the perfect studio for actor/model photography and professional photo montages, as in addition to the chromed walls, we offer white or black photographic backgrounds. The rental fee includes the use of the meeting/catering room and the makeup, hairdressing, and dressing room where several actors or models can be prepared simultaneously. And all of this without having to leave Madrid, as we are just a few minutes away from the city center.


And if you require a top-level editing of the footage shot on this set, please consult our post-production section.

Our Blue Chroma Key Set

This set has exactly the same characteristics and equipment as its green counterpart.

Virtual Set


Discover our virtual reality studio equipped with Natural Studio technology, Brainstorm Easy Set, and V-Mix. It is equipped with three HD/4k robotic cameras capable of rotating vertically (tilt) and horizontally (panning), as well as manually or automatically zooming in or out. It also features a dimmable autonomous lighting table that allows for a perfect integration of virtual, real, and reel sets.

This virtual set has the versatility of having a dual blue/green chroma with sustainable and high-quality paints. The entire lighting rig is suspended from the ceiling, where both the chroma lighting and the directed fresnel lights for the performers on stage are placed. In addition, the set also includes a teleprompter for each camera, as well as reference monitors and live broadcast monitors where actors integrated into the virtual scene can be previewed in real time.

All of this has a very positive impact on the production budget. The space is equipped with a Yamaha sound table and Sennheiser microphones with high-quality MKe2 Gold series capsules. If you already have your project pre-production ready, here you have the best virtual studio in Madrid, ready to record and broadcast in a matter of minutes. And with an unbeatable quality/price ratio! Remember that the rental fee includes the use of the meeting/catering room and the makeup, hairdressing, and dressing room where multiple actors or models can be prepared simultaneously. And all of this without leaving Madrid, as we are just a few minutes away from the city center!


Production Rooms

Just 2 steps away from the set is our first production room, which features a live streaming control room with 8 cameras. Its 16 square meters are equipped with four workstations with state-of-the-art computer equipment. The second production room houses nine workstations spread across 45 square meters. Both rooms are climate-controlled and extremely comfortable. We have computers with Windows, iMacs, and other auxiliary tools such as photocopiers.


TV Set

Our TV studio in Madrid includes green and blue sets, which together form a soundproof cyclorama of 90 square meters.

In the studio itself, we have screens to channel the orders that come from the control room, as well as for the playback of videos, headers, bursts, etc.

The three cameras in the set are equipped with teleprompters, as well as a monitor that reflects the image captured by them.



The 30-square-meter control room is equipped with Natural Studio technology by default. Additionally, it has infinityset (from Brainstorm), vMix, and Ultimatte Compositor (from BlackMagic) according to the production and virtual integration needs of the project.

All of this is supported by a production desk with up to 5 cameras and a Yamaha 01v Digital Mixer sound desk.

Communication with the control room is done through Sennheisser Gold MKE1 microphones and studio speakers, or through an intercom system with the stage manager and operators.

The standard and most cost-effective configuration is the Natural Studio with 3 robotic cameras, requiring only a mixer, director, and sound technician to carry out the project.

Our TV studio has produced numerous television programs such as "Estrenos de Cartelera," "Infobolsa," "El Ojo Clínico," and "Jara y Sedal," both on national and regional channels.


Meeting Room

Every project requires planning, negotiations, and meetings. To this end, we have a multipurpose meeting room of 24 square meters that can accommodate 6 people.

The space is equipped with a plasma screen, as well as a projector and other items that allow for all types of meetings to be conducted with maximum comfort.

The gastronomic bar with coffee machine and tableware also allows this room to be used as a catering area or as an extension to the production rooms if needed.

Soundstage & Recording Studio

Voiceover and dubbing

Perfect recording studio for film and series dubbing, advertising voice-overs, podcast recording, and audiobook narration.

Digital edition

Audio track editing in the adjacent room. It features Protool HD system and external Digidesign cards to take your work to the next level.

360º Support

With several decades of experience under our belts, we know what you need and how to assist you. Furthermore, we love doing it!


Record your songs in our studio with the highest quality on the market. The relaxed atmosphere of the facilities will help bring out the best in you.

Audiovisual projects

If your recording is related to an audiovisual project, Betacam Studios is the place for you. Remember that we have all kinds of facilities!

Close to you

We are in Madrid, just a few minutes away from the city center and with easy access by road and public transportation. Visit us without any obligation!


 Makeup and Styling Room

At Betacam Studios, we have facilities dedicated to preparing the makeup, hair, and wardrobe of the actors, models, or presenters involved in any of our sets. The room has two makeup stations, multiple clothing racks, two fitting rooms, and storage furniture.


Postproduction Rooms

Our facilities have two production rooms, each measuring 30 square meters. The main editing software is Mac, Premiere, Avid tools, and Davinci Resolve.