Event Coverage


We specialize in offering live coverage services for any type of event. We have live production teams and a mobile unit. Thanks to these resources, we can capture and broadcast events both inside and outside our facilities. Our mobile production unit is a true technological gem. Equipped with the latest high-definition tools and real-time transmission systems, it allows us to offer an immersive and professional experience to our clients. We can cover all types of events, from conferences and concerts to festivals and sports matches.


In addition, our team of highly skilled professionals is responsible for managing and coordinating all the technical and logistical aspects of live production. From camera setup and audio equipment installation to real-time control and editing, we ensure that every important moment is captured and transmitted with the highest quality. Thanks to our live production capability and mobile unit, we have had the privilege of collaborating with a wide variety of renowned clients and events.


In Betacam Studios, you have at your disposal the best group of creative staff, producers, and technicians in Madrid. We are experts in design and post-production for all types of advertising projects. We integrate all the services that the client may need: idea development, strategy, communication, events, production, and content dynamization, etc.